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Is this correct behaviour for (princ ...)


If I write a function that copies files using (princ ...) thus:

(defun read-write-char (in out)
  (with-open-file (inf in :direction :input)
    (with-open-file (outf out :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
      (do ((next-char (read-char inf nil 'eof)
                      (read-char inf nil 'eof)))
          ((eq next-char 'eof))
        (princ next-char outf)))))

an extra blank line is inserted between each line using clisp (1997-09-22),
whereas if I use (write-char ...) instead of (princ ...) the file is copied
correctly.  Under Allegro CL, (princ ...) doesn't insert the extra lines,
and according to GLS the two functions should behave identically.  Is
princ's behaviour in clisp correct?


William Webber
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