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Re: shell, run-program etc

     A surprising side remark is that 
     (close (make-pipe-output-stream "gnuplot script"))
     produces just the desired result (clisp prompt + open plot window)!

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Subject: shell, run-program etc
Author:  Sam Shteingold at CCUSA1
Date:    1997-12-03 15:15

     when I type "gnuplot script" at a shell prompt (on winnt4sp3 as well 
     as any real OS), I get a plot window and the next shell prompt 
     immediately. (so that I can type 'ls' and get the directory listing 
     and right click on the gnuplot plot window and print it and whatnot). 
     The upshot: under shell, "gnuplot script" returns immediately, as far 
     as the shell is concerned.
     When I type (shell "gnuplot script") at the CLISP prompt, I also get 
     the plot window immediately, but I do not get the next CLISP prompt 
     until I close the plot window.
     The upshot: under CLISP, "gnuplot script" blocks and does not return 
     until explicitly terminated.
     This is quite annoying, and I would say that this is a bug, just as a 
     way to justify a request for a fix. :-)