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Re: Problems with "map"

Warren Lucas <w.k.lucas@worldnet.att.net> writes:

> I am using the latest version of CLISP for Win32s on Win95, and
> encounter a small problem that I think may be a bug.  It centers around
> use of the "map" function the following way.
>     (let ((vs (map '(simple-array subscript 1)      <---- problem here

> When I run (small-demo), the program progresses through "component
> Preparation" and stops with an error about "(SIMPLE-ARRAY SUBSCRIPT 1)
> not an available type".

This is a bug, indeed. The error message I get is
*** - There are no sequences of type (SIMPLE-ARRAY SUBSCRIPT 1)

> Is there some way I can get around this if it is a ANSI non-compliance
> issue?

As a workaround, you can write  (simple-array subscript (*))  instead of
(simple-array subscript 1). Both are semantically equivalent.