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Re: Installation problem

stautzebach@metronet.de writes:

> my name is Ralf. When I try to install CLISP (1996-07-22, Linux 2.0.32)
> typing
> in the command
>  		(compile-file "src/config")
> there's always a break with the message
>           "/proc/<procNr>/fd/4/" non existent dir

The README is wrong. Please try

                (compile-file "src/config.lsp")

Btw, new binaries of clisp, version 1997-12-06, for Linux/x86 are now
on sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/Linux/devel/lang/lisp/. They fix the Ctrl-C
core dump problem people have been experiencing with clisp-1997-09-25
on Linux/x86.