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Re: CLUE won't compile


In a separate message, I'll mail you a patch for bug-5405 for the
HP9000.  This patch fixes a labels compiler bug in HP Common Lisp
3.0 that was causing the production compiler to give an error while
compiling BRAID.LISP in the May Day version of PCL.

This should allow you to compile the May Day version of PCL and
hopefully get past the "metacircular screw" bug in PCL that JonL
mentioned in a previous message:

  Date: Thu, 21 Jun 90 21:20:17 PDT
  From: Jon L White <jonl>

  The backtrace you showed is a classic case of the "metacircular screw" 
  -- namely, at some point PCL::NOTICE-METHODS-CHANGE-1 is called on an
  "invalid" generic-function in order to update its list of combined,
  effective methods; but alas the update computation requires the _use_
  of the very generic function undergoing update! and so it gets into
  an infinite recursion of calls to PCL::NOTICE-METHODS-CHANGE-1.

Jim Healy