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Re: defclass options

	Date: Mon, 16 Jul 90 10:51:40 PDT
	From: Gregor J. Kiczales <gregor@parc.xerox.com>
	Sender: gregor@parc.xerox.com
	To: riedesel@daneel.den.mmc.com
	Subject: Re: defclass options

	   Date: Mon, 16 Jul 90 10:26:27 MDT
	   From: Billy Joel <riedesel@daneel.den.mmc.com>

	   However, I have also been using :accessor-prefix in my classes.
	   This lets me basically use the accessor-prefix for all the slots
	   in my class for both reading and writing instead of having to go
	   and set :reader and :writer on each slot.

	This option was removed from the language quite some time ago, probably
	more than two years.  It was also removed from PCL.  If you are still
	using it, you must be using a pretty old version of PCL.

	For full details of why it was removed, you can check the archives on

Just to be clear, the feature still existed in 5/22/89 PCL
(Victoria Day).  That version is distributed with Allegro CL
(because of dependencies with certain add on software - the
most recent PCL also works with the current version of Allegro CL).

The feature is obsolete and code should be converted to use
either :ACCESSOR or :READER and :WRITER on each slot.

Note further that accessors are no longer created by default.  Therefore,
there is nothing for the accessor prefix to be prefixed to.  If you specify
an accessor (with :ACCESSOR, :READER, or :WRITER) you have to specify a name
anyway so you can add your prefix there, if you want.

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