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installing PCL under IBCL

I have been trying to install PCL under IBCL here, but it is
not working.  I'd like to find out if I am doing something wrong or
there is some bug, since you said it should work in IBCL (October 15,
1987) but hasn't been tested there yet.

I renamed all the files to have .lsp extension and edited the
*pcl-directory* variable appropriately.
I tried running ibcl and then doing
  (load "/meta/ohc/PCL_S/defsys.lsp")
 but this produced an error message looking like the following:

>>Error: Cannot expand the SETF form (%CCLOSURE-ENV FIN).
SETF                         (IHS[23])
Arg 1: NIL

I learned that the functions %CCLOSURE-ENV and CCLOSURE-ENV-NTHCDR
were defined kcl-low.lsp.  So I compiled and loaded the file kcl-low.lsp
before I did (pcl::compile-pcl).  But I got another error message looking
like the following:

Loading binary of BRAID...
>>Error: 2 is not a vector.
 Load                           (IHS[22])

I would appreciate it if you could tell me if I am doing something
stupid.  Or if this version of PCL doesn't work in IBCL, is there some

Thanks for your help.

Hyeong-Cheol Oh