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new version of Chapter 3

At long last, I can announce to the world that there is a new version of
chapter 3 (The Metaobject Protocol) publicly available.  This isn't a
final version at all, there is a lot that remains to be done.  Even so,
this version is much better than previous versions (in my opinion at

The following note from the cover of the document is informative:

 Since this document was last made publicly available, large parts of
 it have been extensively revised.  The revised material is the same
 in spirit as the previous draft but is, we hope, much more clear and
 precise.  In addition, a number of bugs and design flaws have been

 Note that in many cases, the parts that have been revised provide a
 strong model for what will be done to parts that have not yet been
 revised.  One example is that the section ``Initialization of Class
 Metaobjects'' has been revised, but the sections on initialization
 of other kinds of metaobjects have not yet been.  Another example
 is that the generic functions named add-xxx have been revised, but
 the ones named remove-xxx have not yet been.

This document is available for anonymous FTP from arisia.xerox.com.  In
the directory /pcl/mop there are two files:

moptex.Z   This is a compressed tar file of all the stuff you
           need to run Chapter 3 through TeX.  Well, not all
           the stuff you need, you will have to provide your
           own TeX wizard if (hah!) something goes wrong.

mop.ps.Z   This is a compressed Postscript file for Chapter 3.

Probably, you want to FTP one or the other but not both of these files.