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FYI: a metaobject extension

re: I believe this feature flies in the face of the name/metaobject
    separation we worked so hard to get right.  I also believe that this
    name/metaobject separation is one of the significant contributions of
    CLOS to the world of Lisp-based OOLs, so it is important to keep it

    I believe that the proper way to do this is by making a method object
    and calling add-method.  

See 88-002R, page 1-15, second paragraph:

    "The proper name of every class is a valid type specifier.
     In addition, every class object is a valid type specifier."

The separation here,  for type-specifier names,  is not the one you seem 
to be suggesting.  Accordingly, the consistent thing is to expect that a 
type-specifier denoting a class can serve as a parameter-specializer-name
denoting a class.  This is all that Moon seems to have asked for.  I simply 
don't understand any of the points you have been trying to make in rebuttal 
to him.

-- JonL --