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Compiling PCL on Xerox

Last month we tried to install the latest version of PCL, May-Day-Pcl
(version 2), on
a Xerox 1186. We ran into the following problem in compiling the

	In compiling "fixup.lisp": the function
	is unknown. To compile this file this function will have to be

We want to know if anybody using a Xerox 1186 running Medley has ran into
the same problem
or if anybody succeeded in installing this version of PCL. If so, please
let us know
how the installation should be done.

We also like to know which problems might occur when we port source-code we
develop on
a Xerox under AAAI-PCL to our Sun 3/60 on which the May-Day version runs.

The last thing we like to know is if there exist a Graphical tool like
Grapher on the Xerox
for a Sun (perhaps built in PCL?) to display graphs.

Kind Regards,

Hans Beentjes.