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Re: feature? bug?

   X-Ns-Transport-Id: 08002008D0FD00019B5A
   Date: 	Mon, 27 Aug 1990 17:20:48 PDT
   From: Andrew Philpot <philpot@ptolemy.arc.nasa.GOV>

   I am having problems with :AROUND methods placed on argument lists
   which are completely unspecialized, i.e., whose class is T.

   (defmethod try ((thing t)) nil)

   (defmethod try :around ((thing t)) nil)

   When you then execute

   (try t)

   you get an error:

This is without a doubt a bug in the PCL you are using.  

You are using Victoria Day PCL, which is more than a year old.  I think
that if you get the new version of PCL you will find that this bug is