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change in list format

I think that

  a) The change of direction from PCL to more general CLOS discussion
     is an excellent idea.
  b) The movement to a USENET newsgroup is a very good idea. However,
     are there those on the mailing list who do not have USENET access?
     Will a parallel mailing list (shorter than now) of those who do
     not have USENET access still be required?
  c) There have already been CLOS questions and discussion on comp.lang.lisp.
     Is this, perhaps, a better forum than creation of a new newsgroup for
     what is now (almost anyway?) a part of Common Lisp?

In any case, please send something to the mailing list when it is time to
vote for creation of any new nesgroup so that we can all vote. I have missed
new group announcements before this...

						Skip Egdorf