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change in list format

   >>Date: Mon, 3 Sep 90 21:34:17 JST
   >>From: Masayuki Ida <ida@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp>
   >>	  If someone on this redistibution list may feel
   >>	  that stopping this pcl mail redistribution mechanism is not
   >>	  confortable, please send me mail.
   >>	  (I am OK to continue to send even when the mailing list will be
   >>	  moved to USENET newsgroup, since I myself do not like to make
   >>	  extra procedure to peek newsgroup and will make a trick on news
   >>	  reader to send me commonloops mails as private mails to me and
   >>	  this mechanism will also serve as a switching mechanism
   >>	  between news system and mailing system.)
   >>Masayuki Ida
For a few years, I have been keeping a mail forwarding mechanism
as Parc people know.
For the above mail, which was sent to the commonloops mails
local redistribution list,
I got several mails saying 'please send me as mail anyway'.
(Some persons are OK to shift to news group)

So, I will keep commonloops mail forwarding in Japan
for the people who likes to have them as mails.

I myself like to receive as mail.