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Problem with type declarations in PCL.

re: This problem will not occur if I compile CLX with the PCL distributed by 
    SUN.  Are you familier with this bug?  Is it something easily fixed?  

The symptoms you reproduced are not immediately familiar to me as a
particular PCL problem, nor would I expect the SunOS version to be
a factor at all.  What exactly is the version of Common Lisp you have?  
is it Sun Common Lisp 3.0 for the Sun4 machine?  Also, what is the 
version name of "the PCL distributed by SUN?"  The more recent PCL -- 
called "May Day" and dated around the 2'nd of May 1990 -- would 
probably be more correct.

-- JonL --

P.S. I'm continuing the reply to the CommonLoops mailing list simply
     because such incompatibilities between versions of Sun Common Lisp,
     PCL, and X11  might be relevant to other readers.