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Re: Problem compiling pcl (5/5/90) on NeXT 1.0/All


pcl compiled correctly.  The offending piece of code in defsys.cl was the  

(case *current-case-mode*
  (:case-sensitive-lower (user::set-case-mode :case-insensitive-lower))  

  (:case-sensitive-upper (user::set-case-mode :case-insensitive-upper)))

The second to last line here should say:

  (:case-sensitive-lower (user::set-case-mode :case-insensitive-upper))  

Another problem with this piece of code is that it should come before the (in 
-package "PCL") statement.  Otherwise, the variable *current-case-mode*  
is not recognized.  (I guess this could also be fixed by prefixing excl: rather  
than moving the lines).

Thanks for the help.