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A CLOS testing program and more...

    I am looking for some additional information and aid about CLOS.
    If anybody can help me, thank you!

a) I am looking for a program to test a CLOS implementation. I think
   that maybe some people from Franz, Coral, Xerox, Symbolics, etc.
   can have something like this. I am also looking for a good "example"
   program (the type you put in a presentation). It should be simple,
   please. I tried the examples of Sonia Keene's book, but they are
   quite difficult and strange to my target public (beginners). Of
   course I can create such one, but it is like reinventing the wheel...

b) I am looking for an E-mail contact in Gold Hill, to discuss some
   aspects about a CLOS implementation in GCL. I am having trouble with
   some implemantation-specific aspects of GCL.

c) I am looking for a paper or more lengthy work about the history of
   POO in Lisp. I have papers about Loops (Common Loops, PCL),
   CommonObjects, ObjVLisp, Flavors and Oaklisp, but no one telling
   how was this evolution in a "neutral" perspective. By the way,
   if anybody knows about any other OOLisp, please tell me.

d) I have seen a lot of references to a CL Cleanup Comitee. How can I get
   basic/detailed information about it? Is there any documentation
   about its work?

e) Is there any new version of document 88-002R available? Is it planned
   to write such one? I have the version that was published in SIGPLAN
   Notices in 1988.