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Re: Problem with type declarations in PCL.

   Date: 	Sat, 15 Sep 1990 05:59:00 PDT
   From: ebg%atr-hr.atr.co.jp%kddlab.uucp@uunet.UU.NET (Edward B. Gamble)

   It seems that at compile time PCL classes do not have a known type.  CLX
   uses lots of forms like this:

   (defclass foo () ())

   (defun bar (a-foo)
     (declare (type foo a-foo))

   ;;; Warning: Illegal type specifier in (TYPE FOO A-FOO)
   >>Error: FOO is an unknown type.

Put the following somewhere in your stuff, or edit the definition of
this variable that appears in defs.lisp:

(push 'compile pcl::*defclass-times*)