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A CLOS testing program and more...

> b) I am looking for an E-mail contact in Gold Hill, to discuss some
>    aspects about a CLOS implementation in GCL. I am having trouble with
>    some implemantation-specific aspects of GCL.

Unfortunately there isn't any email access to Gold Hill.  I used to work
there so if you have specific questions I might be able to help a bit,
but it has been a while, almost a year, since I worked there so I may
be a bit rusty.  I assume that you have their telephone number.  If not
it's (617) 621-3300.  I know it's sometimes better to have implementation
discussions via email though (easier to get the parens to match. :-)
I did work on the lisp implementation as well as the (very) quick and dirty 
port of PCL to GCLisp, but as I said I am a bit rusty.  I've been doing
mostly C with a little bit of SmallTalk and Lucid Lisp programming of 
late.  Anyway feel free to ask and I'll try to help.  Also I know a few
other folks that might be helpful that I may be able to get in touch 
with.  We (the developers) always wanted to do a real object system, 
but always had other deliverables to address.  Anyway...

Best of Luck,

Ken Rugg, Object Databases		krugg@odb.com