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Possible bug in kcl-low.lsp

Setup: Interactive SysV3.2, '386, AKCL 492, 5/1/90 MayDay (2) PCL.

I applied to the kcl-mods.text patchs to AKCL, made AKCL, and then
tried to compile PCL. The compilation failed in kcl-low.lsp. The
problem was that in the function cclosure_env_nthcdr (defined using
(clines)), a reference is made to env->cc_env. The compiler chokes on
this. I think it should be env->cc.cc_env. Other references to the
member cc_env are of this form.  I made this change, and was then able
to successfully complete the compilation, generate a new saved PCL
image, and load our CLOS system.