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Re: Compilation of methods per class.

   Date: 	Wed, 26 Sep 1990 06:17:12 PDT
   From: Trent Lange <lange@CS.UCLA.EDU>

   Another question brought up by all this is why generic function calls on
   classes that have :arounds with one call-next-method take so much longer
   than calls on classes that only have a primary?  E.g. fast-foo on class11
   here takes 5x as long (3x as long in Franz) as fast-foo on class1 (0.104 msec
   vs 0.019 msec).

On July 27th I submitted a patch for May Day PCL which significantly
improved the performance of the common use of CALL-NEXT-METHOD in (at
least) Franz Allegro 3.1 and Lucid's development compiler.  (Lucid's
production compiler already implements it as an optimization, as other
compilers should.)  In Franz it gave my benchmarks an eightfold
speedup.  It's not clear which of Lucid's compilers you're using, so I
can't be sure this will help you, but I suspect it will.

If you'd like I can send you the patch.  In July I promised to merge
it into the sources on Arisia if no bugs in it were found.  As none
have been reported I shall now do this (as soon as I have a chance).