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Good discussion on General OO stuff

re: ... we would love to have a good set of examples that we can give to these
    developers and receive some quantifiable data - rather like Codds 10
    rules for relational databases.

I'm very skeptical that the buzz word of "Object-Oriented" will ever
submit to a codification (no pun) as easily as "relational database" did.  

However, towards your goal, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the very 
accessible article introductory article "The Object of Desire" in the 
May 1 1989 issue of Datamation.  The author (whose name has ocasionally 
appeared on this email list) makes a strikingly simple, strong case for 
multiple inheritance in terms of the fundamentals of OO programming -- 
program reuse, separation of operations from their names, extension 
through inhertiance specialization, and so on.

-- JonL --