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PRINT-OBJECT, May-day classes & methods in same file

I have two, hopefully simple questions about May-day PCL.

I often use fairly complex after methods for INITIALIZE-INSTANCE,
typically for filling slots from a file.  It *seems* to be the case
that trying to print an object before INITIALIZE-INSTANCE has done
its work is dangerous; is this true?  It would make good sense if it

The second question is to do with the business of not being able to
have DEFCLASS and DEFMETHOD forms in the same file.  Well I do, and I
never got around to applying the fix mentioned in the notes.text file.
But.  The way I almost always work is:

	Load the source of the file.
	Edit & redefine things.
	Compile the file (in the Lisp image with the source loaded).

The point being that I (virtually?) never compile methods in images
which don't have the classes defined anyway by virtue of the source
being loaded (Or, more probably, the source to any modifications + the
previous compiled version).

Is it the case that the resulting compiled file *will* work OK?  It
seems to on both the implementations I use (Xerox Medley & Franz
Allegro CL).

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