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specializer-direct-xxx generic functions

> SPECIALIZER-DIRECT-METHODS isn't in 88-002R as it is.  Implementors who do
> MOP stuff can either put it in or not.  Personally, I would do so, even if it
> meant not implementing generic-flet.  Alternatively, I might do it by having
> the methods generated by generic-flet not get recorded.

Not implementing generic-flet and friends is not really an option for most
implementations without action from X3J13, and some members of the committee
(specifically rpg) have stated a strong desire to keep them in.

SPECIALIZER-DIRECT-METHODS was included in a list of names proposed as being
part of a `defacto standard'.  Including an unessential and very hard to
implement feature in such a proposal is not likely to encourage it along the
way towards general acceptance.  If the generic-flet excluded semantics were
adopted, applications which depended on the complete list semantics would fail,
so it seems like a good idea to decide what is going on here early, before
anyone has a chance to write themselves into a hole.