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Re: problems compiling may-day-pcl-rev-3

Gregor Kiczales wrote:
|  Thanks for incorporating all these patches and making them available.
|  I copied this file to the /pcl directory on arisia.  That will make it
|  easier for pcl users who may not have seen your message to find it.  The
|  file is called /pcl/tarfile-rev-3.

Is there the possibility to make a `diff' dile available for the
differences between May Day Rev II and the new May Day Rev 3 pcl?  I
assume that the diffs would be reasonably small in comparison to the
retrieval of /pcl/tarfile-rev-3 at arisia.  It might even be of
interest to mail them to this group, depending upon size.  If all
elese fails, could someone e-mail me such a `diff' file.


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