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PCL/KEE problem

Hello, I manage a network of Sun 4s that are being used to develop a
simulation using PCL under Sun Common Lisp 4.0 (alpha release). We are
currently using the Cinco de Mayo PCL(5/5/89). We have tried to compile the
latest version (I ftp'd the tarfile last week) and get load errors in the
BRAID1 module. Do you know of any fixes that can take care of this problem?
If not, is there a place where I can get the 5/22/89 Victoria PCL which
(as it's notes file says) is like the Cinco de Mayo release but "actually 
works". My developers are building their simulation in Intellicorp's KEE using 
PCL to get CLOS functionality. We have been trying to fix some problems and
when we added some patches to the LISP, PCL broke. Any help would be GREATLY
appreciated (sorry, can't give financial rewards...Congress has yet to decide
to keep paying us).

Mark E. Soderlund			US Army
Internet: markus@tracer.army.mil	TRADOC Analysis Command - OAC
Phone: (913)684-5135 (07:30-16:30 CST)	ATRC-FTC (Building 391)
Autovon: 552-5135			Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-5210
Fax:   (913)684-2344 or (913)684-3859