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RE: CLOS Availability and PCL/KEE problem

>   From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>
>   CLOS is included in the Sun Common Lisp 4.0 release; ...
>   I know that you can have all of FLAVORS, PCL, and CLOS running in the 
>   same Sun 4.0 image; but I don't know for sure about KEE coexisting with 
>   any of these systems.

Intellicorp, in its wisdom, has been  DELIVERING  KEE on an ALPHA release
of Sun Common Lisp 4.0 for SPARC platforms. This version (called 4.0a3)
has a compiler bug which prevents PCL from being compiled and does not
have an internal version of CLOS.

As a stopgap, as an interesting excercise, as a bridge for those migrating
from KEE's O-O stuff to CLOS, and for several other reasons, I have a very
reasonable subset of CLOS that is implemented as a syntactic front-end to
KEE's unit creation and method invocation stuff. In principle, one writes
code with CLOS and the classes, instances, and generic functions are constructed
from KEE units and methods. I have used the system for a reasonable project
with enough success that I intend this to be my standard KEE programming
interface from this point on. A description of the package has been presented
at the small, but always interesting, AI in DOE conference. Either the paper
or the system are available to anyone who wants them.

					Skip Egdorf