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Trouble with PCL on Franz Allegro 3.0.1beta

     I'm trying to bring up PCL, CLX, and CLUE on Franz Allegro 3.0.1beta
(8/23/88) on a Sun 4.  I've built this combination on AKCL (thanks to
Richard Harris's helpful notes), so I'm not totally new at this, but I
was looking for more performance and this Allegro was laying around from
a previous project.
     Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with PCL.  Also unfortunately,
upgrading is not an option if it costs anything.
     I have successfully built Victoria Day PCL, and CLX atop it, but
CLUE uses lots of methods with EQL specialisers and this PCL (or this
instance of it) goes into an infinite loop when it sees one.
     I have not successfully built May Day PCL (revs 2 and 3) -- it dies
in fix-early-generic-functions, either during the first allocate-instance
(an ISL structure is being corrupted), or after fixing two or three
functions (runs out of swap space at 30 MB).  I had to make a couple of
changes to quadlap to handle 3.0.1beta, but I've also tried leaving it
out entirely, with no difference.
     Does anyone have any helpful ideas?  Victoria Day PCL would be fine
if there's a fix for the EQL specialisers, but May Day PCL would be even
better.  Any fixes or suggestions appreciated.

Paul Fuqua                     pf@csc.ti.com, ti-csl!pf
Texas Instruments Computer Science Center, Dallas, Texas

"I f***ed up."  "Yes, but you gave it 100% effort."  -- Mystic Pizza