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CLOS Workshop '91 Organizer Volunteer?

I will not be able to organize a CLOS workshop this year. Last year's event
was held in the context of OOPSLA '90. This worked well. The job of a
workshop organizer involves submitting a workshop proposal to the OOPSLA
organization by April 1, publicizing the event, slapping the proceedings
together, organizing the day and writing a short summary for the OOPSLA
proceedings addendum.

The reward for the work is the joy of putting together a gathering from
which people leave refreshed and animated. Finding and working with the
moderators is in itself stimulating, and the thinking involved can help
structure one's own research.

This year's OOPSLA will be held in Phoenix, Oct 6-12. For anyone interested
I could provide last year's proceedings and a run-down of last year's