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Re: Bug(?) in defmeth and number of arguments

    Date: Tue, 20 Jan 87 15:09:08 CST
    From: Frank Halasz <halasz@mcc.com>

    Okay.  But you haven't specified what happens when you do define
    methods with the same name but conflicting number of required

Actually, what it should do is signal an error when you try to add a
method with a different number of required arguments than the methods
that are already there.  Then the user can user REMOVE-METHOD to remove
any methods they want to remove and rebuild the generic function.

Of course a particular programming environment might offer a
proceed-type which would allow the user to edit all the methods of the
generic-function "in parallel" and then add them "in parallel", this
would save the user having to remove all the methods from a
generic-function, then going to each method, editing it and redefining
it.  Specifying this sort of interface is, of course, outside the scope
of the language definition.