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Re: Bug(?) in defmeth and number of arguments

	From Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM Mon Jan 19 18:52:17 1987
	    Date: Thu, 15 Jan 87 16:04:59 CST
	    From: Frank Halasz <halasz@mcc.com>
	    It appears that you cannot have methods with the same name
	    but different numbers of arguments.  For example,
	    CommonLoops will not work with the following defmeths.
	That's right.  All methods must have the same number of
	required arguments.

Okay.  But you haven't specified what happens when you do define
methods with the same name but conflicting number of required arguments.

The current implementation is that the minimum number of arguments used so
far is the "correct" number of arguments for a method of a given name.

This seems like a bad choice.  Say you define a 1-argument method, and
then later decide it really should be a two argument method.  There is
no way to "redefine" the method to be a 2-arg beast.

Seems like some other conflict resolution scheme is needed.
"Last defined" seems better than "minimum", but some way of
allowing the programmer to specifying the resolution principle
seems best.

-- Frank