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new versions of files

I wrote new versions of concepts and functions.   

Functions.tex:   Edited the method combination functions.
Edited the :method-combination options to defgeneric-options,
defgeneric-options-setf, and make-generic-function. 
Edited the defclass :initform option to talk  
about when it is evaluated, according to the mail about it.

Concepts.tex:   Put in a new Inheritance chapter that 
talks about inheritance of slots, methods (slightly), and 
defclass options.   I included Larry Masinter's comments. 

Terminology changes in both files:

Changed occurrences of "daemon" method combination type to

Changed occurrences of "unqualified method" to "primary method"
where it was appropriate. 

I think that's all I did.   I'll hand control of these files
back to you two now.   I'm going to work on updating the Glossary 
to use the new terminology.