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Re: draft on inheritance of slots and defclass options

I liked the phrasing 
"In general, xs are inherited by subclasses; that is, ..."

You used it 

"Methods are inherited by subclasses.   That is, a method provided by a
class is applicable ..."

I'd like it


In general, slots are inherited by subclasses. That is, slots defined in
a class are usually  also slots in any subclass of that class. The
inheritance of slots depends on ....

- - - - - - - -
I was confused by the organization of defclass options because the
initial set of options were really slot options within a defclass rather
than defclass options. 

I see no advantage in spelling out :READER -- ... ;see :ACCESSOR instead
of saying 
:ACCESSOR, :READER -- These options are not inherited; that is,
subclasses do not ... 


Your section says EXAMPLES OF INHERITANCE yet it is a single example.
Rather than packing them all into a single example, it would be much
clearer to give separate examples.