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Re: Issues for the CLOS committee to start focussing on

    Date: 13 Jan 87 10:38 PST
    From: Danny Bobrow <Bobrow.pa@Xerox.COM>

	    Date: 8 Jan 87 23:48 PST From: Danny Bobrow

	    Class variables. 	 (Discussion is ongoing, probably almost
	    What is your belief about the state of this.  I made a
	    detailed suggestion last.

	Danny, I assume you're asking me, since I was the TO:
	recipient. My belief is that it hasn't converged yet, but is close.
	 I don't think I've read your detailed suggestion carefully yet. 
	This issue isn't one of the next three on my priority list; if
	you'd rather I thought about this first, though, let me know and I

    Sonya said she would write up what I had suggested in English, and we
    can go from there. (Right Sonya?)

Right, Danny.   I've written up a draft of this, and given it to Dave
for sanity checking and to get answers to some questions that came up. 
We'll probably have it ready for public viewing sometime today or