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additions for VAXLISP

Here are a few things that can be added to vaxl-low.lsp and test.lsp

		Rick Spickelmier
		UC Berkeley
;;; add to vaxl-low.lsp

(defun function-arglist (func)
  (system::function-lambda-vars (symbol-function func)))

;;; this probably does more than is necessary!
(defmacro without-interrupts (&body body)
  `(critical-section ,@body))

;;; add to test.lsp
(defvar *without-errors*
	(or #+Symbolics #'(lambda (form)
			    `(multiple-value-bind (.values. .errorp.)
				 (si::errset ,form nil)
			       (declare (ignore .values.))
	    ;; errset returns nil for failure, (result) for no-error
	    ;; thus it should work for 'do-test'
	    #+VAXLISP #'(lambda (form) (system::errset ,form))