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Documents updated for method combination

I have updated CONCEP.TEX[CLS,LSP] for method combination, and copied
it to CONCEP.8.  The file DMC.FUN[CLS,LSP] contains sections to be
inserted into the functions document when that document unfreezes,
however these sections haven't been fully converted to TEX yet.
This is the updating I promised to do last Friday (it took longer than

I believe this reflects the result of the discussions we've had over
the mail, but if I have slighted anyone's point of view I apologize,
and I encourage you to write up a dissenting proposal and add it to
the file.  I plan to turn my own attention to some of the other
outstanding issues, in an effort to get to a reasonable (but not
unchangeably final by any means) document by the next X3J13 meeting,
so I won't be doing anything more on method combination this month
if I can help it.