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   4) I ran into a problem with the default printing method.  It seems
   that this method performs a funcall on the slot accessor for each slot
   in the object, without checking to see if the slot has an accessor
   method defined for it, which leads to an error.  Perhaps it should
   perform this check.  I know you can get around it be defining a
   separate print-instance method, but I don't think it should be
   necessary to have to define one for every class which may have a slot
   with no accessor.  (On the other hand, I feel that having a slot
   without an accessor is a little silly--why bother having the slot at
   all?  Maybe you can enlighten me on this subject.)
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The problem isn't withthe printing method it's with the default all-slots
method. You'll run into the same problem if you (for example) try and change 
the class of your instance.  I've patched my version of PCL to look up the
slot name (rather than the slot accessor) and then call get-slot in the 
all-slots method.  

ed lay