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Re: Issues for the CLOS committee to start focussing on

    We need to define quite explicitly the inheritance behavior of
    class options and slot options.  There should be a table listing
    each option and showing how it inherits.

I made a set of suggestions for this.  If one of the writers could turn
that into English and find where the holes are, I would be glad to
follow up (I don't have time for extensive writing at the moment).

    Class variables.
     (Discussion is ongoing, probably almost finished)
What is your belief about the state of this.  I made a detailed
suggestion last.

    Some of the functions in the Functions chapter don't make sense
    without the rest of meta-objects.  Perhaps it should be reorganized
    into two chapters.

I will be trying with Gregor to add as much more of the meta-object
protocol as possible after he gets back at the end of next week.  I
would suggest sending it out even if we don't agree on all of it, but
this can wait, pending  seeing it.