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What's left to do

    Date: 08 Jan 87  1714 PST
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.STANFORD.EDU>

    For the March x3j13 meeting we have a number of things left to do.

It looks like you and I have both been worrying about the impending
deadline.  Sonya and I have been putting together a list of issues
and my next message will be that list, as soon as I get it sorted into
priority order.

    2. Change-class. Discussion of this has stopped. Does this mean
    we're settled?

    3. Initialization protocol. Again, discussion has stopped: are we

I have not started on either of these.  I'm trying to concentrate on one
issue at a time, which is why I haven't yet answered some of the mail on
these topics.  I suspect we have a fair amount of work to do on 3.