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pcl in release 7

Date:  5-JAN-1987 17:15
From: Rick Harris
Subject: pcl in release 7
To: commonloops.pa@xerox.com@smtp
Here is a summary of the things that need to be done to make 
the 12/2/86 version of PCL work in release 7.

1. The feature of file attribute lists that causes a file's package
   to be created if it does not already exist and the package name 
   is in parenthesis should not be used, because packages created by
   those definitions do not have the common lisp kind of colon mode.
2. IGNORE already has a function definition, it needs to be shadowed.
   (PROGN . vars) is preferable to (DECLARE (IGNORE . vars)), because
   the declaration will break code that uses any variable in vars.
3. 3600-low patches:
    compiler:defoptimizer / compiler:deftransformer
      deftransformers happen before macros; defoptimizers happen after macros.
    compiler:compile-from-stream - no need to patch this.
    compiler:commutative-constant-folder-recurse - definition changes from 6 to 7.
4. The release 7.0 definitions of the following functions must be fixed:
    define-special-form or 
      - the macro-expander handles the last subform wrong
    define-special-form and
      - the macro-expander handles the last subform (very) wrong
      - see page 13 of Genera 7.0 Issue 2 of the Software Services Technical Bulletin.
    define-digestable-special-form macrolet
    define-digestable-special-form labels
    define-digestable-special-form flet 
      - Macros used in the body of these forms are expanded in the wrong environment.