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Re: Terminology: default value form

    Moon says:

    "initial value form" rather than "default value form" is fine,
    although I don't see why users would expect this system to behave
    like LOOPS.  It doesn't seem to have much resemblance to LOOPS. 
    One could argue that the word "default" here is justified because
    this form only provides the initial value if another initial value
    is not specified by the caller of MAKE-INSTANCE.  Thus it is the
    DEFAULT initial value form.

Note that in the simplified initialization protocol I sent out, they are
INITIAL value forms.  That is because they are always evaluated by
make-instance, and the slots are always set to their values.
Afterwards, the initialize generic-function is called on the instance
and the "init-plist".

The method on initialize for OBJECT, fills in slot values from the
init-plist, but some classes may override that method so they will not
get this behavior.