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bug in slot parsing

In the pcl of 12/2/86, you can not declare a slot to have
':allocation :none'; the code exists to use it, but 
'parse-slot-description-interal' (in braid.lsp) has the following:

        (check-member allocation '(:class :instance :dynamic)
                      :test #'eq
                      :pretty-name "the :allocation option")
which causes the use of ':none' to result in an 'error'.		      

':none' should be added to the check, then everything seems to work
okay (the few examples I tried worked fine).

        (check-member allocation '(:class :instance :dynamic :none)
                      :test #'eq
                      :pretty-name "the :allocation option")

Also, for completeness, the extensions for vaxlisp in the definition
of *pathname-extensions* in defsys.lsp should be changed from:

	#+(and dec common) ("LSP . "FAS")

	#+(and dec common ULTRIX) ("lsp" . "fas")
	#+(and dec command VMS) ("LSP" . "FAS")

		Rick Spickelmier
		UC Berkeley