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errata sheet

    Date: 20 Feb 87  2242 PST
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.STANFORD.EDU>

    I don't especially mind an errata sheet as long as it doesn't
    contain un-agreed-to proposed re-wordings. The factual errors
    are ok to put there, but I'd rather not see listed as errata an
    inferior re-wording of a clearly worded paragraph. I don't mind
    re-wording things if the re-wording is better, but good wording
    is the result of long, careful thought.

I have a separate list of problems noticed in the document that I expect
to be controversial, which I do not plan to distribute publically.  I
hope to mail it to this group in a few days for our own discussion.
I would be happy to move individual items that you disagree with on
the errata sheet into that other list instead, if you'll tell me
which ones they are, and if one round of discussion doesn't remove
the controversy.  (I haven't finished studying Dick's earlier message
commenting on my draft errata sheet, and I haven't seen any comments
from anyone else yet.)