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Meta-object protocol

In a meeting with RPG yesterday, it was agreed that the metaobject
protocol chapter would go out in the same package as the first two
chapters, but with a separate document number, and the following

This document is a preliminary draft of the protocol.  It was not
discussed extensively before being distributed, nor was it rationalized
with Chapters 1 and 2.  It is being provided as a basis for the
presentation to be made at the X3J13 meeting in March 1987 so that
members of the committee can have a feeling for the entire proposed
object system.  Most of the description is applicable to PCL, the model
portable implementation, and as such has been used by some people in the
community.  The presentation in March will take into account changes
suggested by the Common Lisp Objects subcommittee between this
distribution and that meeting.

I am happy to put either of the following on the front:

1) Minimal responsibility

This document was written by Daniel G. Bobrow and Gregor Kiczales.

Contributers include everybody else

2) Maximal credit

This documetn was written by Daniel G. Bobrow, Linda G. DeMichiel,
Richard P. Gabriel,  Sonya E. Keene, Gregor Kiczales,  and David A. Moon

Contributers include the rest.

Or any compromise in between.  Since you have only had a brief chance to
look at the document, please let me know which credit line you prefer.
Since by the time March comes, I hope we will have had a chance to work
on this document, and make 2 true, feel free to choose that alternative.
Please respond to this message so I know your feelings.