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Sounds like Moon made a mistake in accepting my deadlines, which
carefully outlined the steps leading up to the mailing. He should have
requested that work stop a week earlier.

As mentioned in my previous messge on the topic, the documents are now in
the maw of my grammarians who are making sure they aren't completely
embarrassing. I expect the documents to pop out by friday, just in time to
be mailed.

Nothing regarding semantics has been changed except for those things
which were so poorly written that the most reasonable re-write changed
them.  Inheritance of slots is as it was, though I rewrote it to
be a little less confusing.

As expected, the document was badly inconsistent throughout, because
everyone who had their hands on it decided to introduce their own
personal jargon with little thought to how it went together.

The title page now lists authors separately from contributors.
Because time is short, I'll remove Moon's and Sonya's names from the authors
list, but leave them as contributors. Later, when they approve or whatever,
and the document is in final form we can put them back.