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Re: Clarification

Your "fair text" describes completely different inheritance rules.  The
case in particular, as I outlined in my message on slot inheritance the
other day is:

(defclass foo ()
    ((a :allocation :class)))

(defclass bar (foo)
    ((a :initform ()))

Under the rules currently in the document, and the rules I mailed out
the other day:

 instances of the class foo share a :class variable named a
 instances of the class bar each have their own :instance variable a

Under the rules you propose its unclear what would happen.  Perhaps
their would be two class variables, perhaps there would be one, its not
clear what would happen with :initform.

The rules described in the document should not be changed in substance.
I have only read them once, but they seem to match the rules which Danny
and I came up with and which I mailed out the other day.