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Minor things noticed while proofreading documents

slot-spec syntax: did (slot-name initform) as a convenient abbreviation
for (slot-name :initform initform) go away accidentally, or did we
really decide to get rid of it?  I don't remember discussing this.

:accessor-prefix, :reader-prefix: the document says that the argument to
these can be a string, a symbol, or nil.  My memory is that we got rid
of the string and nil cases.  True or false?

The documentation for get-method says that the specializers argument
is a list of parameter specializers.  I proposed an alist format instead,
to allow extensibility to specializing on keyword arguments in the future.
I thought it was accepted.  Was it rejected, or did the document just
not get updated yet?  This applies to make-method also.

Should make-generic-function and make-method be flushed in favor of
documenting particular sets of arguments to make-instance that perform
those functions?