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The Real Deadline

In order to get the documents out in time for people to prepare for the
Palo Alto meeting, I have set the following hard, non-negotiable

	1. The last technical changes have to be done to both
	   files (CONCEPTS and FUNCTIONS) by midnight, Sunday
	   February 8. At that point I am putting the documents
	   into my technical writing staff maw to check for
	   blatant problems.

	2. I will federal express the final documents to Bob Mathis
	   on Friday, February 13.

	3. I think this means that Sonya can have the files until
	   Monday, February 2.

I think that unless there is a draft of the metaobject stuff by Friday,
February 6, we must decide how to proceed - I see the most likely option
being to flush metaobjects altogether until a later date.

In Gregor's examples there were several functions used that are not
specified.  I suggest people search their expectations of what should be
there and compare them to what actually is there, because on February 9
they cannot be added in this draft - we will look very silly, indeed.