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Progress is Our Most Important Problem

Wasn't that GE's slogan?

According to my calculations, we have 3 days left before the
document must be ready. I see a number of problems.

1. We are still arguing over CPL computation. When I asked Ken Olum
to tell me what he thought about the possible algorithms for it
he said he simply tried things in New Flavors until they worked.
He said a good model is that there is some sort of algorithm and you
don't try to understand it. Then he ran out of the room.
Now that I've beaten everyone's brains out on the issue, I think we
can happily settle on topological sort with last-visited preorder as
the tiebreaker.

2. I'm inclined to go with Moon's method combination for now, though
some of Danny's simplifications are attractive.

3. I don't care about the change-class protocol as long as it works.

4. I'd like to flush :allocation :dynamic and :allocation :none.
If people want :allocation :none, then the inheritance writeup
needs work. (Sonya?)

5. Gregor offered to supply examples. His examples didn't match the
current specification very well, and LGD sent them back for more
work. All of the functions and macros in the examples ought to be
defined in the specification.

I think we really have until Feb 14 to get this all done, but is there
some way I can add to your desires to work hard on this and get it done?