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Re: ---

        The issue is whether that information is extracted by
        the system and made an argument of the method, or extracted in
        the method.  I have suggested that extracting it in the method
        is the general way to do it.

    That is not really what you have suggested.  You suggested
    extracting it in the define-method-combination.

I suggest doing it in both.  That is, any information other than the
combination-type (e.g. standard , and) which selects a method is
extracted from the generic function.

    Your suggestion would mean that define-method-combination forms
    would not be portable between systems that have only one method
    combination type per generic-function and systems that are more
    general.  What I think Patrick is suggesting is that the extension
    to allow more general selection of a method-combination type should
    be orthogonal to the method-combination types themselves.

I don't understand how a generic function can have more than one
method-combination type.  I also don't understand your last sentence at