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call-next-method bug

The following file which should compile error/warning free:

;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: PCL-BUG -*-

(in-package "PCL-BUG" :use '("LISP" "PCL"))

(defclass foo () (a b))

(defmethod slots ((self foo))
  (list (slot-value self 'a)
	(slot-value self 'b)))

(defclass bar (foo) (c))

(eval-when (compile) (format t "Check point.~%"))

(defmethod slots ((self bar))
  `(,@(call-next-method) ,(slot-value self 'c)))

Here's a portion of a lisp session in which I compile the above file:

* pcl::*pcl-system-date*
"4/29/87 prime  April 29, 1987"
* (compile-file "pcl-bug")
Error output from /usr1/rfb/meta-device/pcl-bug.lisp 18-May-87 10:03:20.
Compiled on 18-May-87 10:03:33 by CLC version M1.6 (17-Apr-87).

Check point.
Warning in #:g2629:
  #:g2628 not declared or bound, assuming special.

Finished compilation of file "/usr/rfb/pcl-bug.lisp".
0 Errors, 1 Warnings.
Elapsed time 0:00:26, run time 0:00:04.

The following variables, assumed to be special, are referenced
but never declared:

Functionally, things are correct, but something is still wrong.